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"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow." ~ John Dewey

Barbara J. Smith, PhD

Barb Smith is a passionate educator fiercely focused on designing and improving great schools and curriculum. With a leadership background in public, charter, independent and international schools, Smith brings a variety of experiences that contribute to her fresh and creative approaches to education. Smith is a writer, consultant and adjunct professor who is eager to connect with educators who want to build new school cultures filled to the brim with student and staff engagement.

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Barb Smith is a passionate educator who challenges the boundaries of "sameness" in schools. Smith's background includes over thirty years in public, charter, independent and international schools, as well as work with educators in three teaching faculties and graduate schools in Canada. Smith has been an author of several books including: A Charter School Principal's Story and coming soon - How Much Does a Great School Cost? which focuses on important links between school values and budgets.

Smith works with schools and school systems to generate customized curriculum that is grounded in constructive and engaging practices. Her website has been built to showcase and share best practices in teaching and learning through the sharing of PowerPoints, Blue Sky papers and sample curriculum.