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Ep 02 What’s Wrong (Or Right) with These Kids?

What’s Wrong (Or Right) with These Kids?  New Ways to Teach the “Always On” Generation
A Conversation with Ryan Schaaf 

Turns out, technology use in the “Always On” generation HAS changed our kids’ brains.  Expert Ryan Schaaf shares research on how students today read differently, multi-task more, and handle instant gratification.  This fascinating conversation provides insights into how to teach this generation – a most unique group that has always had instant access to information.  Ryan blends research and pragmatism in this balanced approach to using technology in the classroom for real world learning.  Ryan has posted open downloads for you on MyEdExpert here:  https://myedexpert.com/vendor/rschaaf/

Ryan Schaaf’s contact info:  Twitter @RyanLSchaaf;  rschaaf@ndm.edu  

Note:  Ryan’s session pairs beautifully with the next podcast with Angela Stockman.  Both are experts in utilizing technology for real-world learning in balanced classroom experiences.


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