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Part 3: Stellar (Free!) Resources for Remote Learning

Thinking at a High Level While Working from Home: New Resources from Our Authors

Socratic seminar expert Louise Miller has made two of her guides free: To Kill a Mockingbird & Night.  If you teach these novels, grab those here…just scroll down to those two.  Thanks, Louise!

Suzy Pepper Rollins  just posted a”Take a Stand” writing lesson in which students tackle today’s real-world issue of Coronavirus road blocks for NY tags & door-to-door police checks for out-of-state visitors.  Students read a few articles and have to create a press release as a governor:  What will they decide?

Todd Stanley just added a fun “School House Rock” task, but listen up: From his Inkblot test to his Create Your Own Logo to his case studies,  Educators flock to his space to grab his resources. So, jump on that bandwagon!

New on our home page: “19 Ways to Enrich Students During COVID 19,” by Todd Stanley.

Really popular item from Beth Skelton, first mentioned last week.  An at-home menu for ELA with choices.  Things to read, write, create, and help with are included.  Thanks, Beth!

Thank you for all that you do!  Please stay well! We update daily @MyEdExpert

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