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Ep 28 – Getting Students to “Fail Forward” & Think Like Engineers

Getting Students to “Fail Forward” & Think Like Engineers
A Conversation with STEM Expert Ann Kaiser

What a perspective STEM expert Ann Kaiser has about students thinking like engineers! For younger learners, she uses those famous civil engineers “The Three Pigs” to teach the engineering process.  And, rather than have an elaborately complex road map for the Engineering Design Process, she breaks it down into 3 simple steps that every learner (and teacher) can embrace.  This former engineer and Fulbright Distinguished Teacher shares pragmatic guidance on cultivating divergent thinkers and getting students to “Fail Forward” like engineers.  A WOW podcast for every educator and leader! 

Ann has shared an open download “Using the Engineering Design Process in Your Classroom” and JUST POSTED “Engineering a Board Game.”  

• Her bio & resources on MyEdExpert
• Ann’s website
• Ann’s Twitter page

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