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Ann Kaiser is a former engineer with 15 years of experience in secondary education. A graduate of Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science (B.S. Metallurgy and Materials Science) and the School of International and Public Affairs (Masters in International Affairs), she is a lifelong advocate of engineering as an agent for creative global problem-solving and innovation.  As an engineer, her field of expertise was product and market development in the metals industry. As an educator, Ann’s main interest is in attracting creative, innovative young people to technical fields by exposing them to the possibilities and promises of engineering. Her consultancy firm, ProjectEngin , was started in 2014 and is dedicated to the idea that Engineering is the key to developing transdisciplinary STEM learning experiences designed to engage and empower young people. ProjectEngin supports that mission through educator workshops, classroom coaching, and curriculum initiatives throughout the US and overseas. The company has been named the 2017 New England Regional Micro-Enterprise by the US Small Business Administration. 

Ann was named a Fulbright Distinguished Teacher in 2013.  She spent six months in Singapore working to implement Engineering Design projects as Performance Tasks in secondary physics classes. Ann was also named a Top Overseas Teacher by the Singaporean Ministry of Education and invited back to speak at the 2014 Teachers Conference. In March 2015, she was the keynote speaker at the national Danish Big Bang Conference in Roskilde as a guest of Engineer the Future Dk.  Ann has presented at numerous regional, national, and international conferences.  She has authored several technical papers detailing her research in Singapore and the effectiveness of the Engineering Design process in learning science concepts. Ann is currently in the process of writing a book designed to guide teachers interested in developing own Engineering Design course. For great resources and ideas for Engineering Design projects in your school or  classroom, you can follow ProjectEngin on Twitter (@ProjectEngin) and on their ProjectEngin blog. Ann's new book, Designing the Future: How Engineering Builds Creative Critical Thinkers in the Classroom, is scheduled for release by Solution Tree Press in September 2019. It is a comprehensive guide, complete with resources and reproducibles, to including Engineering Design in the K-12 classroom.