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Encore Presentation – Keeping Kids Curious

Keeping Kids Curious
A Conversation with Gerald Aungst

As students get older, they tend to ask less questions and are less likely to take learning risks.  Are they inherently less curious…or does curiosity fall victim to learning targets and pacing guides?  Guest Gerald Aungst shares fascinating research and insights into amplifying learners’ sense of wonderment.  This “Curiosity Engineer” is so enlightening in blending new research with pragmatic next-day steps to encourage curiosity in all learners.  So interesting to hear the difference between curiosity and engagement, and the five factors of curiosity.  In addition, he discusses the connection between the engineering design process, the maker movement, and PBL and curiosity.  This is a session you’ll want to take notes on!  Curious about Curiosity? Listen up! 

• Gerald’s Bio and Curiously Cool Resources on MyEdExpert

• Gerald’s website

• Twitter for Gerald:  @GeraldAungst



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