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Ep 43 – What it Feels Like to Have ADHD

What it Feels Like to Have ADHD
A Conversation with Kevin J. Roberts

What’s it like to have ADHD? Consider some of the traits: difficulty staying on task, distractibility, trouble sitting still, and poor organizational skills.  Now, let’s place these students in a school setting in which success largely depends on being able to: sit in a desk, pay attention, be organized, and stay on task.  Our podcast guest this week knows a lot about the topic.  Kevin J. Roberts has penned numerous books on ADHD and Cyber Addiction.  He also has ADHD and works as a coach for fellow ADHDers.  Next-day pointers for supporting this group of kids and the importance of seeing their strengths. (They are often budding entrepreneurs!) Urgent information for all of us, because this is a group in need of urgent TLC. Kevin talks about what’s highlighted across research: these students’ self-esteem can take a pounding over the school years. A charismatic guy who’s, well, super-smart, Kevin even breaks into song about the ADHD brain – don’t want to miss that!    

• “Is ADHD A Gift?” Quick-read article by Kevin

• Kevin’s website (You’ll see all of Kevin’s books there – his new one is Schindler’s Gift: How One Man Harnessed ADHD to Change the World)

• Kevin’s ADHD Change the World Facebook Page



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What it Feels Like to Have ADHD

What does it feel like to have ADHD? Consider the traits: easily distracted, trouble staying on task, poor organizational skills.…

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