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Ep 35 – Starting Over, Starting Fresh…or Getting Started

Starting Over, Starting Fresh…or Getting Started
A Conversation with Dr. Rick Jetter

Ever thought, “Boy, I’d sure like to tell that superintendent a few things about the real world…The world inside the walls of my classroom.” Ever been a district leader and thought, “Hmmm…wonder what teachers are thinking about these policies we’ve cooked up?”  

Dr. Rick Jetter can see both sides of things pretty clearly.  He used to be a superintendent.  Now he’s a classroom teacher.  He’s loving the experience, but boy, is he tired.  His world view from being in both worlds is a starting over story that brings wisdom, guidance, and laughs.  He shares advice to superintendents everywhere about NOT putting more on teachers’ plates.  And has some pearls for teachers about decluttering…let’s just say that Rick did not win the door decorating contest this school year.  

This leadership author and expert on student voice is a straightforward treasure in our world with a lot of “stuff.”  

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