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Ep 33 – Unwrapping the “Gifts” of ADHD

Unwrapping the “Gifts” of ADHD
A Conversation with Kevin Roberts

Our podcast guest is extraordinary in many ways.  An author/expert on ADHD, Kevin Roberts also supports those with cyber addictions.  In fact, Kevin was featured in a fascinating 20/20 episode on gaming and screen addiction.  Kevin is both gifted intellectually, has ADHD, and was a former gaming addict – so he knows these topics thoroughly! A captivating speaker, Kevin offers help to educators and families in ways to support those with ADHD and cyber addiction – and he draws the connection between the two.  He’s penned two books on ADHD – another two combating cyber addictions.  So, get off those games and/or social media and listen up! This guy is AMAZING!  Oh, and read his short piece: “Is ADHD a Gift?” on our home page.  

• Link to Kevin’s piece here.
• Link to Kevin’s website.


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