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Ep 25 – Using Improv in the Classroom

Using Improv in the Classroom
A Conversation with Dr. Katie McKnight

“It crazy works.” That’s how prolific literacy author Katie McKnight describes using improv in the classroom.  This high energy, passionate educator details some of the benefits this kinesthetic approach brings to kids, including a big chunk of what we teach in reading and writing. But there’s more! Improv teaches problem solving and encourages a sense of community, as students’ step into a role of making their classmates shine with the valued concept of “Mistakes are gifts.”  This approach can be used in all classrooms as a valued brain break as well.  

Katie takes us through a couple of games, such as “Space Walk.”  This game would be FABULOUS for a faculty meeting.  The shared experience of this one game can enhance the community of adults in the building.  

Wow!  Katie has shared some of her improv guidelines called “Yes…And for the Classroom” Grab here!

• Katie on MyEdExpert

• Katie’s website

• Katie on Twitter


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