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Ep 13 Got Game? How Playing Games Can Change School Culture

Got Game? How Playing Games Can Change School Culture
A Conversation with Susan Ragsdale and Ann Saylor 

It’s all good news in this session with two guests who conduct workshops in building positive connections and leadership skills via games and service.  Got Game? You will after this podcast! Guests Ann and Susan call it “Playing with Purpose.” They use games to start conversations, tackle awkward issues, build trust, and even boost brain energy! Susan and Ann are change agents who see the possibilities in all students, teachers, and leaders.  They also reach beyond school walls and help create service learning projects.  Look for their wonderful attitude about changing negative student leaders into positive role models.  

Got a story you’d like to share with them?  They are working on a new project and would love to hear from you. What difference makers these authors and presenters are! 

• Their free service learning ebook & “Group Games Dice”

• Write Creations on Facebook

• Susan’s Contact:  Susan@writecreationsgroup.com  and on Twitter

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