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Encore Presentation – How’s This School Thing Working for Our Kids?

How’s This School Thing Working for Our Kids?
Let Them Speak:  A Conversation with Dr. Rick Jetter

Get inspired by Dr. Rick Jetter’s approach to seeking out student voices about how school is working out for them.  This self-described “Boundary Pusher” talks about going out on their “turf” and asking students about just about everything, from programs to procedures at school.  He shares some surprising turns in his quest to hear his “customers” opinions.  Risky business, right? But its ok – Dr. Jetter makes the process seem SO doable.  Especially for the podcast:  Rick and his coauthor Rebecca Coda have created a FABULOUS open download to accompany their work and new book, Let Them Speak. It’s called “Let Them Speak:  A 100 Ideas for Activating Student Voice.”  Link to his bio and downloads: https://myedexpert.com/vendor/rjetter/

To reach Dr. Rick Jetter: Twitter @rickjetter  Website: www.rickjetter.com

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