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Are you looking for math tasks that

  • Challenge bright students without just giving them the “next thing in the book”?
  • Support the topics and standards that you teach every day?
  • Nurture deep thinking, not just speed and accuracy?
  • Respect and build upon your students’ ideas?
  • Enhance your students’ confidence, self-reliance, curiosity, and persistence?
  • Offer more students an opportunity to see themselves as math thinkers?

Then Intrepid Math is for you and your students! Each Intrepid Math set contains eight challenging and engaging math problems for advanced and other adventurous learners. Every problem provides extensive teacher support complete with alignment to standards, materials needed, tips and teaching techniques, and multiple solution strategies.

What makes Intrepid Math problems so different? With traditional math problems, students learn to solve. With Intrepid Math problems, students solve to learn. Rather than simply applying learned skills to answer story problems, students solve problems in order to learn new concepts.

Intrepid Math problems can be solved on many levels, making them flexible for use with different age groups. The Level 1 Problems (grades 4 – 6) are solvable with fourth grade content knowledge yet are challenging for most fifth and sixth grade students. Every problem comes with suggestions for using it with all three grade levels and shows you typical progressions in students’ thinking so that it you can adapt it to a variety of thinking styles and needs.

Depending on their age and experience, students may sometimes spend days or more on a single problem! Every problem can be solved in many ways, and some problems have multiple solutions. All problems have a modified version that makes them accessible to more learners.

More problem sets are planned soon for Level 1 (grades 4 – 6), Level 2 (grades 5 – 7), and Level 3 (grades 6 – 8), so check back soon! I would love to hear from you about your experience with Intrepid Math. Just send a note to Jerry at

Happy solving!

Grade levels 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
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