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Kevin J. Roberts

Kevin Roberts is a former teacher, and an expert in ADHD and cyber addiction. Kevin's educational training includes a specialized Master's in ADHD Studies through Antioch University. Kevin speaks six languages and has spoken to groups in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, and France. He trains teachers, doctors, therapists, and therapists. He has been featured extensively in the news media, including appearances on ABC's 20/20, and Britain's BBC. Kevin integrates his own musical compositions and his brand of educational comedy into his seminars and lectures. Kevin is the author of four books, including: Schindler's Gift: How One Many Harnessed ADHD to Change the World (2018) Cyber Junkie: Escape the Gaming and Internet Trap (Hazelden 2010)

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Kevin Roberts, a former teacher, has authored four books, two on cyber addiction, two on ADHD. Fluent in multiple languages, he has given seminars and trainings in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Mexico, Poland, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Belgium. He has trained medical professionals, therapists, parents, teachers, and given talks to young people on the perils of technology, as well as on the amazing life of Oskar Schindler. Roberts has had over one-hundred radio and television appearances, including ABC's 20/20 and Britain's BBC.  Roberts is presently involved in a study with Detroit Children's Hospital that is employing fMRI to examine the brain's of excessive screen users. 


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