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Consultant - Coach - Presenter - Author: Specializing in Mathematics Education

Dr. Dianne DeMille

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Instructional support for teacher leaders and teachers of mathematics. Included is the work of John Hattie, Robert Marzano, Rick DuFour, Tim Kanold, Jo Boaler, David Foster, Cathy Seeley, William McCallum, NCTM, NCSM, CCSS, and other notable experts in mathematics education.

Dianne is available to coordinate • institutes
• one-hour
• three-hour
• six-hour workshops
for teachers, coaches, teacher leaders, or administrators of mathematics in all grade levels (K-12). Customization is suggested to meet your specific needs.


Coach support to improve mathematics instruction for
• individual teachers
• teacher leaders
• groups of teacher leaders
• administrators

Professional development efforts provide powerful training to build capacity. However without on-going support they rarely lead to sustainable changes in teaching practice.

Dianne is available to guide your staff and administrators to sustain implementation efforts. Customized support is available through diagnostic classroom observations (onsite or through video-taped experiences) or with learning communities.


Consulting with schools and districts is a powerful tool to improve mathematics teaching and learning for individuals and learning communities. 

Dianne is available for those working to improve mathematics teaching and learning:
• short-term
• long-term support
for teachers, coaches, teacher leaders, or administrators .

Her extensive background provides a wealth of experience to guide high quality curriculum and assessment design, feedback on lesson or unit design, or brainstorm solutions to improve mathematics instruction at your site.

Meet Dr. Dianne -- Dianne's Consultant Services (

Dr. Dianne DeMille has over 40 years’ experience in mathematics education, including teaching, county administration, and graduate level professor. Check out her background at

Dr. Dianne continues to use her extensive abilities as a consultant for administrators, coaches, teacher leaders, and teachers of mathematics for diverse populations. She is a mathematics consultant with Solution Tree and Pivot Learning doing professional development, coaching, and support for professional learning communities (PLCs).

JenDi Consultants (

As co-owner of JenDi Consultants, Dianne offers specific lessons for all who struggle to learn mathematics including; Special Education, English Learners, and others. Jennifer Munoz, her partner with JenDI Consultants, is a high school teacher and department chair of students with special needs.

Additional Work of Dianne’s Consultant Services  

Dianne's father, Leslie B. DeMille, was a Nationally Renowned Professional Artist. He recently passed away and left some wonderful lessons that can be viewed on his website: Many videos are free for people who want to learn to draw or paint. Those for purchase are longer and include more detailed instruction from The Artist.