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Revision is about the writer re-entering the draft, improving, and strengthening the piece. However, classmates often don’t know what kind of improvements to suggest to a peer. The Peer-Revision Conferencing Cards can guide and strengthen the conversation between reader and writer by focusing on four key areas:

  • What’s the best part of the writing? 

  • What part do you want to know more  about? 

  • What parts are fuzzy or confusing?

  • What part/information do you want less of?

These four guiding questions with numerous sub-questions are to be printed front to back on card stock. During independent writing time, students read their drafts to their peers. The listeners each respond to the four revision questions.  A fringe benefit of the Revision Conferencing Cards is that they help students stay on task. They love snapping the cards onto the desktop as they answer the questions.

After the first student reads and his peer gives feedback, then they switch roles. When done, students begin making revisions to their individual drafts based on the suggestions from their peers.

This 7-page download includes:

  • Mini-lesson suggestions for how to introduce the questions to students.
  • The four main questions with several sub-questions for each. (Copy them back-to-back onto card stock. Provide each peer-revision team a set of question cards.)
  • An original student writing with the questions applied and the final draft after the writer made suggested revisions. 


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