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Daily Problem-Solving and Number-Sense Challenges
Grade 8 Semester 2

Virtually all math teachers cite number sense and problem solving as areas they see as critical, and areas where they want their students to improve.  Without a doubt, students who have number sense and problem-solving skills are more likely to experience success in any math class.  Dimension 2000’s Daily Problem-Solving and Number-Sense Challenges are designed to help all students develop strong number sense and problem solving skills, day by day. The program is easy to implement.  Simply project problem number 1 onto the classroom screen.  At the start of class, after the tardy bell, students will have two minutes to read and solve the problem.  Next, students will have one minute to share their ideas and solutions with a partner.   Finally, the teacher will take two minutes to lead a discussion that helps all students to know how to solve the problem. Each daily slide also has three short number sense problems for students to solve.  Students are encouraged to use mental math to solve the number sense problems, 

NOTE:  Regarding the daily problem solving challegnes, problem 2 is similar to problem 1, and problem 4 is similar to problem 3.  This pattern allows students to: 1) learn how to solve a new problem every other day, and 2) have an opportunity to correctly solve a problem that they missed the day before.   On every fifth day, the program provides a five-question quiz that reviews the first four days of learning.

    Mon (Problem 1) – – Tue (Similar Prob 2) – –  Wed (Problem 3) – – Thu (Similar Prob 4) — Fri (Quiz)

Each problem-solving slide, and each quiz slide, are followed by a solution slide.   The Daily Problem-Solving and Number-Sense Challenges are great tools for improving academic performance and classroom behavior.   ($25.00 for each semester)

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