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Algebra to the Core; Slide-Show Lessons that Build Strong Foundations: Lessons 1 – 16 (Part ONE and Part TWO)

Algebra to the Core (A2C) is a collection Algebra I lessons that are guaranteed to build strong algebraic foundations for all students.  Each slide show takes students through a series of strategic engagements that build understanding and algebra skills.    Strategic engagements include a Hook, Proceduralization engagement, Paired-Learner Model, Graduated Difficulty challenge, Convergence Mastery Challenge, Pick One / Get One Vocabulary challenge, Proof of Understanding, and a Hands-On activity.  This complete Algebra to the Core CD contains lessons and materials for: 1) Numeric Expressions, 2) Algebraic Expressions, 3) Polynomials (Evaluating and Combining), 4) Solving Equations by Inspection, 5) Solving Equations using Transpositions, and 6) f(x) Notation, 7) Functions, and 8) Graphing Functions, 9) Graphing Linear Equations part 1, 10) Graphing Linear Equations part 2, 11) Factoring Trinomials, 12) Factoring Polynomials that are Perfect Squares, 13) Factoring Polynomials using GCF, and 14) Solving Inequalities, 15) Irrational Numbers, 16) Systems of Equations.   Implementation of these lessons will help all students, who study algebra concepts in middle school, Algebra I, or Algebra II, build strong foundations. ($19.00) 7) Proceduralization, 8) Decide Model, 9) Task Rotation, 10) Four-Phase Problem Solving, 11) Divergent Thinking, and 12) Convergence Mastery.  Implementation of these instructional strategies will turbocharge the teaching and learning of mathematics in any K-8 math classroom. ($59.00)

Grade levels 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade
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